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  Hello Amanda,
  I wanted to thank you for running    such a wonderful mini-camp for us. We were so pleased and impressed with the teachers and what the girls learned. The girls had a blast! It was definitely one of our favorite field trips. We hope to come again in the future.
Thank you again!
Lisa Moeller
Troop Coordinator
American Heritage Girls
Troop MO1922

We have put together a  program to give your group an opertunity to learn basic horsemanshop skills. 

This program is great for any group interested in expanding thier knowelage in horses. Private camps are great for scouts wanting to earn their horsmanship badge -  a birthday or special event or just to spend time with a group of friends!

Sessions are 1.5 hours and include the following:

  • Basic grooming
  • Equipment and use
  • How to tack a horse
  • Riding lesson
  • Stable saftey
  • How to lead a horse
  • Basic colors and parts

Private Mini Camp

Here is what one group had to say!